During trying times, many wanderlusters have given up on traveling. Yet, as the season warms up, many are restless with a growing need to experience the outdoors and nature. Instagram photographer Kiyotaka Kitajima posts pictures and videos of the beautiful natural scenery of the islands of Okinawa. More than 57,000 followers enjoy the photographer's work as they feel rejuvenated by experiencing such breathtaking vistas, even if only remotely.

Recently the artist posted this video on Instagram:

"My heart is soothed by sand crests and ripples."

For us land lovers, we often forget that there is an entirely different world under the sea. The rippled sand and the dancing reflections of light woven by the ocean water fascinate the viewer. This video also features the soothing sound of being immersed in the ocean.

Kiyotaka’s followers reacted:

  • "It feels good even though I’m only watching it.”
  • “This heals me. Thank you so much!”
  • “Amazing!”
  • “Those are awesome sand crests.”
  • “The sound of the water is soothing.”

Another occasion, he posted this video of Miyako island:

"It's a beautiful beach. The sound of the waves is also nice."

Listening to the sound of the waves makes me feel relaxed. In this video, you only can see the clear ocean and blue sky of Okinawa.

His followers also noticed and were impressed:

  • “It's beautiful! I want to go there with my favorite person. The sound of the waves calms me.”
  • “Absolutely beautiful.”
  • “The healing powers of the ocean.”
  • “Omg! I can’t handle it!”
  • “It’s the best.”
  • “I want to sit on driftwood and listen to that sound all day.”
  • “I was healed from the bottom of my heart. Is Miyakojima this beautiful? I can watch and listen to this forever. Thank you for the nice video.”
  • “Oh, I'm struck by the urge to go.”
  • “I can keep watching this without getting bored.”

Mysterious moon

Kiyotaka Kitajima lived on Kohama Island in Okinawa for 17 years until he moved to Ishigaki Island. Ishigaki Island is in Japan’s most southwestern Prefecture. It's known for beaches and sites for snorkeling, diving, and surfing. There is also a renowned mangrove forest.

That said, Kiyotaka focuses on all the aspects of island life. He posted this unique piece on his page:

"Full moon and beautiful palm silhouette. It looks like the eye of the moon."

Indeed, the moon seems like an eye, and the palm leaves look like eyelashes. How does the moon see the earth, and what does it think about us….?

Many people reacted to this mysterious photo:

  • "It's true. We are being watched.”
  • “It is a nice photo. The “moon eye” is staring at something...”
  • “It's a highly technical photo. I was drawn in.”

He also posted a picture of Taketomi island this March:


Bright bougainvillea flowers bloom, adding color to the road. Taketomi Island is a place where you can enjoy a particularly striking cityscape among the islands of Okinawa. You can also enjoy a sense of yesteryear.

His followers reacted:

  • "I want to go there. I feel like time would stop. I want to throw away my smart phone and PC!”
  • “The flowers are already blooming like this!”
  • “I've only been there once, but it's a place I want to go again.”
  • “It's a nice place! It's a place I want to spend a long time!”
  • “How nice. It's an island road.”

Although it seems like it may still take time for travelers to roam freely, it's nice to enjoy posts like these. Looking at Kiyotaka's account, I did begin to feel antsy and ready to hit the road again. If you like this content, check out Kiyotaka's Instagram. The photographer also has an online store. Check it out!

By - Luke Mahoney.