Japan's celebrated sakura season is in full bloom, but as cherry blossom petals begin to flutter to the ground after a short but sweet appearance, it's bittersweet reminder that the fleeting nature of sakura is why they draw such crowds. Even with many currently avoiding large gatherings, it can be hard to resist the urge to take a peek at some of the gorgeous seas of sakura trees around the country.

Fortunately traditional Japanese tableware maker Shun Japan has a way to make your sakura viewing parties last much longer than one season with some elegant drinking classes that bloom into beautiful cherry blossoms depending on the temperature of your beverage.

The set of glasses display a white cherry blossom tree, but when filled with a chilled beverage (below 17℃ to be exact), a special inner coating transforms the white into the brilliant pink shade sakura are known for.

While any cold drink will do, a transparent liquid best shows off the transforming sakura trees, making chilled sake a particularly good match.

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.