In an effort to recreate his character in the games and anime, flagship electric Pokémon Pikachu making his way into the homes and hearts of fans as an interactive companion, lately. A singing and dancing Pikachu that waddles in response to your voice as well as one that you can ride on like a horse are just a couple of recent examples.

Japanese toy manufacturer Takara Tomy is adding another to the list with a interactive Pikachu robot for children that talks, dances and sings when prompted by key words.

"Let's Talk! Norinori Pikachu" is a 24cm tall Pikachu robot equipped with three microphones in total, on the left, right and front. The two microphones on the left and right side recognize the direction of the sound, and the microphone on the front side recognizes the keywords spoken by the user. The Pikachu actually turns its head in response to a total 15 words with an appropriate action--for instance, if you tell it to sing, it will respond by singing the Pikachu song.

If you haven't heard the Pikachu song, the lyrics are quite complex so take a listen below.

Other keywords include telling the Pikachu when you're leaving, coming home, or going to bed. You can also tell Pikachu "I choose you!" or give it attack commands, as well as that you love it. Just be careful, if you overplay with it Pikachu becomes angry!

You can also command the Pikachu to dance (to the anime theme song) or even "play a game", where you must guess what direction Pikachu will turn. If you get it right three times in a row, Pikachu will congratulate you. It comes equipped with 60 words of vocabulary and responds to your tone in unique ways.

The singing and dancing Pikachu robot retails for 8,800 yen from stores in Japan where Takara Tomy products are sold.

By - Big Neko.