Once a niche offering at convenience stores, the fruits sandwich has found itself riding a bit of a boom in Japan. The dessert sandwich, which serves up slices of fruit and whipped cream between fluffy slices of bread, has become a trendy sweet treat thanks not only to its deliciousness, but "Instagrammable" look.

Japan's first vegan fruit sandwich specialty store, "fruits and season" is now offering a tropical twist on the sweet with a sandwich that uses some of the most prized mangoes in the country.

The limited quantity sandwiches use Miyazaki prefecture's Taiyo no Tamago (eggs of the sun) mangoes, which are regarded as the best of Japan due to their rich aroma and sweetness (coming in at a particularly high 13 percent sugar content), as well as their creamy, melt-in-your-mouth texture.

fruits and season uses a homemade cream based from soy milk and original soy milk bread that does not use white sugar (beet sugar is used instead of white sugar), resulting in about 1/3 of the calories of regular fruit sandwiches. The store offers 100% vegan sandwiches using whole fruit bought directly from farmers as an initiative to address food loss.

Access information for fruit and season can be found at their official home page.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.

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