Bagel & Bagel is the top bagel provider in Japan, accounting for 83% of all bagel sales in the nation. With 29 locations throughout Japan and an online store, there are already many ways of getting you bagel fix. However, from tomorrow, April 13th, bagel lovers in Japan will have an even easier way of getting their Bagel & Bagel bagels.

Bagel & Bagel products will be going on sale at NewDays and NewDays Kiosk convenience store locations within the Tokyo area, Nagano and Tohoku (with the exception of Aomori and Akita Prefectures). If you've ever traveled around Japan using JR, you've probably noticed these stores since they are almost always located within or in the vicinity of JR stations.

Bagel & Bagel bagels don't use oil, eggs, or milk in their dough, which makes them lower in calories and fat compared to other bread products made using conventional methods. They are therefore an ideal choice for health-conscious customers. At NewDays and NewDays Kiosk locations, you'll have seven bagels to choose from.


Blueberry 215 yen (tax included)

A flavorful bagel with plenty of juicy blueberries kneaded into it.

Chocolate chip 215 yen (tax included)

A bagel with bittersweet semi-sweet chocolate chips kneaded into the moist and chewy dough.

Maple Walnut 215 yen (tax included)

Maple sugar and large walnuts give this bagel a rich, natural sweetness.

Cocoa white chocolate 215 yen (tax included)

Milky white chocolate kneaded into the dark cocoa dough create the perfect harmony in a bagel.

In addition to the products introduced above, other types of bagels will be available, for a total of seven types.

From mid-May, the bagels will be sold in an original package design:

You can learn more about Bagel & Bagel's business by visiting their website here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.