Whether it's the pandemic or just everyday stress, we can all use a breather once in a while. These capsule toy figures of cats lazily sitting on swings without a care in the world could be just what you need.

Available from capsule and miniature toy maker キタンクラブ Kitan Club, these ねこブランコ Neko Buranko (literally "cat swing") toys come in five of popular cat coats: white, black, Calico, ginger, and black and white.

The roof of the swing comes in five different colors, giving you a varied lineup!

The roof parts also come with a non-slip sheet so you can hand them from all kinds of surfaces and ledges.

Neko Buranko series from Kikutan Club





Black and White

Product Details

  • Product Name: ねこブランコ Neko Buranko
  • Sold by: KITAN CLUB Inc.
  • Release Date: Mid-April 2021
  • Size: Cat length approx. 35 mm
  • Price: 300 yen each, 5 types
  • Type: Capsule toy
  • Availability: Capsule toy dispensers nationwide
  • Product page on Kikutan Club's official website

By - grape Japan editorial staff.