Donguri Kyowakoku is the place to be when it comes to original and charming goods inspired by the beloved animations of Studio Ghibli. This paradise of official merchandise can be found in various Japanese cities, and has a dizzying range of items, with many appearing seasonally or for special occasions.

One time of the year when the shop really goes all out is Mother’s Day, taking aim at the nostalgic hearts of Studio Ghibli loving mums. Aside from the super cute designs, another attractive feature of these goods is that you can preorder them to be delivered on the day itself, making them super convenient.

They recently revealed a return of their flower delivery service with brand new designs, and now another popular gift set is back for the special day. The collection of presents is wrapped up to look like Mei’s corn, an item from a memorable scene from My Neighbour Totoro.

In the film, Mei sets off clutching an ear of corn for her mother who is sick in hospital. Despite getting lost and even having to defend her precious gift from a goat, she carefully guards it. Eventually after being rescued, Mei and her sister quietly place the corn on the hospital room's window sill for their mother to find.

It’s the perfect scene of filial love to be inspired by on Mother’s Day, so the gift set is made to look as close to the movie corn as possible, in size and design. It has ‘to mother’ written on it, just like Mei’s gift.

Even though this design has appeared before, the presents inside are different every year. This time around it contains a portable bottle with separate compartments and super cute Totoro motifs all over.

The next item is also good for sojourns, a cooling scarf which can be moistened and worn to keep the summer heat at bay.

This set costs 3000 yen and can be ordered on Donguri’s online store to be delivered on 9th May.

By - Jess.