We all know how it feels to quickly finish our favourite food without realising it, and get that sudden empty and disappointed feeling inside. So imagine how much worse you would feel if you didn’t even get to finish the meal and it suddenly disappeared!

That feeling has been physically expressed by one hamster, called Namba, in a hilarious viral video posted by her owner. The owner owns two hamsters and often takes cute videos and pictures for social media, but while filming Namba chowing down on one of her favourite foods, an unexpected development results in a hilarious reaction.

According to the owner, the hamster loves eating delicious treats so much that she often completely zones out while eating. In this video, Namba is nibbling the cabbage leaf so ferociously that she manages to accidentally flick it across the room, and her shocked reaction caused the video to go viral on the Japanese side of Twitter.

It’s just for a split second at the end of the video, but screenshots capture the true look of betrayal in the hamster’s eyes when her food suddenly disappears.

If you want to see more adorable videos and photos of Namba, check out the owner’s Twitter page which features plenty of adorable hamster antics!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.