It may only be a problem with the youngest of children and remedied with a watchful parental eye, but crayons definitely possess a colorful but not ideal appetizing appeal to some kids before they learn better. A crowdfunded release in Japan hopes to make things a bit easier in that regard while also addressing food waste and environmental concerns in Japan. Oyasai Crayons--safe and eco-friendly crayons for children, made from rice and vegetables.

Oyasai Crayons (Vegetable Crayons) are made from scraps and perfectly good vegetable parts not sold in stores, as well as rice oil, rice bran, and rice wax. Instead of standard color names, each crayon is named after their corresponding vegetable such as cabbage, carrot, apple, and burdock root. As such, each crayon has rich veggie aromas providing an engaging drawing experience and, yes, are safe to take a bite out of.

While using real vegetables, fruits, and legumes as raw materials, Oyasai Crayon also aims to promote food recycling by utilizing as much as possible "off-specification products" and "scraps" that are not sold in the market, as well as get children thinking more mindfully about nature.

The plant-based crayons are currently undergoing a crowdfunding campaign before their release.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.