Dive right in and get closer to the underwater world than ever before with this unique ‘Mermaid Swim’ diving package from OCEANZ.

Based in Amami Oshima, Kagoshima Prefecture, OCEANZ is a diving school which specialises in skin diving (the act of diving and exploring the ocean without the use of any breathing apparatus – a recreational style of competitive freediving).
Wanting to get their customers closer to the ocean and the lives of marine animals, OCEANZ are launching a special ‘Mermaid Swim’ package this summer, where divers can dress up in a full scale mermaid suit and experience swimming in the ocean with scales and fins.

Though Japan has a large number of scuba diving, skin diving and freediving instructors (– with more than 10,000 instructors nationwide), the number of divers participating in the new marine entertainment activity ‘Mermaid Swimming’ is still small.

‘Mermaid Swimming’ is a new sport that has its roots in both freediving and synchronised swimming. Though the activity started out as a unique form of extreme aquatic entertainment (think showbiz synchronised swimmers employed at performance venues like Cirque du Soleil, and at casinos in las Vegas), it is quickly developing into a competitive sport and has even seen its first world championship event which was held in 2019. Now, it is beginning to gain the attention of divers in Japan.

In the OCEANZ Mermaid Swim package, divers will dress up in a mermaid swimsuit – complete with a full-scale mermaid inspired monofin – before taking to the ocean to experience swimming like a real mermaid.

There are two available courses for the OCEANZ Mermaid Swim package; ‘the experience course’ where participants can start the session from a standing depth, and a ‘licensed course’ which takes place in depths of up to 5 meters and allows divers to acquire the skills necessary for safely mermaid swimming with a buddy.

The course is designed to take place along the shores of Kagoshima Prefecture’s Amami Oshima, but when the seawater temperature is low, it will be relocated to a swimming pool on the island.

Both courses will be available for reservation from the end of June 2021.

Mermaid Swim experience course (3 hours)

1 person –14,300 yen
2 people – 28,600 yen

Mermaid Swim licensed course (2 days)

1 person –53,800 yen
2 people – 107,600 yen

OCEANZ also offers a Mermaid Instructor qualification course for diving instructors looking to become qualified in instructing mermaid swimming. This course takes place over 7 days and costs 196,000 yen.

Currently OCEANZ is crowdfunding to raise funds to support the construction of their second store, costs of running the Mermaid Swim package, and working capital of the store.

OCEANZ diving school tour company
Location: 1295-2 Kasarichodaira, Amami City, Kagoshima 894-0505

By - Connie Sceaphierde.