When we interviewed YuNi a few months after her debut in May 2018, she was just beginning her journey, aiming to be the world's top virtual singer. Her first virtual concert on Christmas Eve the same year was an amazing experience which we also had the privilege of reporting on.

YuNi has continued to grow her fan base, develop her skills and expand her range of activities. For example, she has her own regular radio show, and last year, she sang the ending theme for the hit anime Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!, "Kokoro Knock" as well as the theme song for the game ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos, "Dawn."

But now, in her third year, YuNi is finally releasing her major debut album!

The pioneering virtual singer produced by Activ8, a company that produces xR contents and virtual talents, has announced that she will release her major debut album "eternal journey" on June 16, 2021. This will be her first album release in about two years since her album "clear/CoLoR". In addition, she's also planning to hold a solo concert this summer. New visuals were also released.

The title of the album is "eternal journey". It is the beginning of a new stage in her career, and it promises to be an essential piece of work for YuNi. As fans surely know, in October last year, she had a virtual concert under the same name.

The album will be released in two versions: a first-issue limited edition and a standard edition. The songs on the album are produced by a stellar group of creators who are active not only on the Internet but also providing music for real artists. The first-issue limited edition includes two bonus tracks in addition to the music video, and the jacket photo illustration was done by Sakuragi Ren-Sensei.

The participating artists are: ampstyle (Dareharu) x Nor, DJ'TEKINA//SOMETHING a.k.a. Yuyoyuppe, emon (Tes.), Giga, tilt-six, q*Left, R Sound Design, YUC 'e, Kairiki Bear, and Hachioji P.

YuNi is also taking on the challenge of writing lyrics for the first time!

Today, April 16, the title track 「キライ」 "Kirai" was released digitally.

"Kirai" was produced by DJ'TEKINA/SOMETHING a.k.a. Yuyoyuppe, who is also very active as an artist and creator. In the emotionally charged and melodically exciting electro-pop song, the always energetic and cheerful YuNi deals with negative emotions on her "journey" to the next step, as she moves forward with her creators.

The details of her concert will be announced at a later date.

Release Information


  • Release date: now on sale (digital)
  • Lyrics by Yuyoyuppe, music composed and arranged by DJ'TEKINA//SOMETHING
  • Link

Major Debut Album "eternal journey" - First-issue limited release

  • Release date: June 16th, 2021
  • Content: 1 CD + 1 DVD
  • First-issue limited release CD + DVD + 2 bonus tracks
  • TFCC-86766-7
  • Price: 4,000 JPY + tax

Major Debut Album "eternal journey" - Regular version

  • Content: 1 CD
  • TFCC-86768
  • Price: 3,000 JPY + tax


  • 1. dayz (Lyrics: q*Left, Composition and arrangement: Giga)
  • 2. And Another (Lyrics: Nor; Composition: ampstyle(Dareharu) / Nor; Arrangement: Nor / ampstyle(Dareharu))
  • 3. 夜と幽霊 yoru to yūrei ("Night and Ghosts") (lyrics, composition, and arrangement: R Sound Design)
  • 4. キライ "Kirai" (Lyrics: Yuyoyuppe; Composition and arrangement: DJ'TEKINA//SOMETHING)
  • 5. ユニークアビリティ "Unique ability" (Lyrics: YuNi with BibiMog; Composition and arrangement: emon(Tes.))
  • 6. 平坦人生活劇 heitan jinsei katsugeki (action film of an uneventful life) (lyrics, composition, arrangement: Kairiki Bear)
  • 7. Dreamin' Dreamer (Lyrics, composition, and arrangement: tilt-six)
  • 8. YuNiSoN (lyrics, music, and arrangement: Hachioji P)
  • 9. Kokoro Knock (lyrics, music, arrangement: YUC'e)
  • 10. 光風声月 kōfū seigetsu (light, wind, voice, moon) (lyrics, music, and arrangement: YUC'e)

[Bonus Tracks]

  • 透明声彩 tōmei seisai ("Color of a Clear Voice") - Piano version- *Included only in the first-issue limited edition set
  • Write My Voice - Piano version- *Included only in the first-issue limited edition set

DVD (Music Video)

  • 1. dayz
  • 2. kokoro knock


YuNi Profile

As a pioneer among virtual singers, she started her activities on YouTube in June 2018. On her YouTube channel, she mainly posts original and cover songs. YuNi has been a leading presence in the virtual music scene, expressing herself in a wide range of music genres such as Showa era songs, anime songs, Vocaloid songs, and internationally known tracks.

On August 14, 2020, she announced her affiliation with the record company TOY'S FACTORY.

By - Ben K.