Before Godzilla was throwing down with King Kong, the King of the Monsters was also recently quietly becoming King of the Merchandise celebrating his 65th anniversary. With a humidifier that lights up the room with atomic breath (and even a burning version) and an amusement park attraction that lets you zip-line directly into the kaiju's mouth, Godzilla was on quite the rampage of goods.

So with his name back at the box office, it was only a matter of time before the kaiju king got back to his lineup of goods, this time by taking on the babyish "second form" he sported in Godzilla Resurgence (Shin Gojira) (2016). Unusually, Godzilla won't be causing a mess, but cleaning up your floors as a mop top cover!

The "Shin Godzilla Second Form Floor Wiper Covers" have a button adjustable hole that can be fitted on top of mops like below, and when used (especially quickly), replicate a growing Godzilla rampaging across your floor.

As you can see, despite being a monstrous behemoth that can unleash the force of nature and nuclear disaster upon all mankind, the somewhat derpy looking second form Godzilla is quite a cute cleaning companion, and can even provide cuddles!

Whether it's helping you clean or sitting in your lap, this Godzilla plushie mop top is detailed down to the eyes and spikes.

The Shin Godzilla Second Form Mop Top is currently available from Premium Bandai's online store in Japan. Overseas availability can be inquired about at their international website.

By - Big Neko.