Japan is famous in the world of fandoms for collaboration cafe menus inspired by various series and characters, ranging from films to anime to video games. But these nods to otaku culture aren’t the only properties that turn up on Tokyo menus, sometimes there’s even dishes inspired by childhood favourites like Tom and Jerry and Shaun the Sheep.

A currently ongoing collaboration menu has popped up in Tokyo and is themed around a staple from people’s childhoods all around the globe. This cafe, located in Ikebukuro, is running special menu items featuring Pingu. The lineup includes three adorable drinks and a super cute dessert.

The beverages are different flavours of ‘fruit milk’, which all have white whipped cream peaks to mimic the icy landscape of Pingu’s home and star the penguin himself in marshmallow form. There’s strawberry flavour.

Mango flavour.

And banana flavour. All cost 858 yen each.

The dessert is a strawberry pancake which also resembles a snowy mountain and has Pingu and Pinga sledding down it (1320 yen).

Customers who order any of the super cute treats will also be gifted a free Pingu coaster to take home.

These special menu items will only be around until 31st May 2021, at Atari Cafe & Dining which can be found in Ikebukuro Parco shopping mall on the 8th floor.

By - Jess.