Donguri Republic, the official Studio Ghibli merchandise store in Japan, have items to suit every type of fan and are an elegant way to bring your love of the anime powerhouse’s characters into your every day life. Their gorgeous designs range from cute and girly to stylish and modern, and combine the characters with other motifs to create their exciting ranges.

Their floral designs are perfect for the warmer months. They previously released some cherry blossom Totoro merchandise, and now they’re adding roses to designs inspired by Jiji, the sassy black cat from Kiki’s Delivery Service.

The collection is called the ‘Okurose Series’ and includes five original items plus a collaboration with Steam Cream involving a beautiful tin and rose scented body cream.

There’s an adorable mug with a heart-shaped handle (1980 yen).

An elegant handkerchief (1100 yen).

A handy tissue pouch (1650 yen).

A makeup bag (2200 yen).

Or a flat pouch (1980 yen). All the items with zips have an ornate charm featuring Kiki and Jiji flying away on a broom.

Studio Ghibli collaborates with Steam Cream from time to time and the decorative tin designs are always lovely to behold. For this new design, it’s not just the outer design which is rose themed, but the body cream itself is also rose scented (2860 yen).

The products are available in Donguri Republic stores all over Japan (shop list available on official website), or through their online shop.

By - Jess.