Ikumimama Animal Doughnuts(or イクミママのどうぶつドーナツ/Ikumimama no Dōbutsu Dōnatsu in Japanese) probably has the most adorable treats in Japan.

I remember first seeing their doughnuts on my friend’s Instagram page, and it was love at first sight.

Their doughnuts are both delicious and kawaii and come in various animal shapes such as cats (my favorites!), dogs, bunnies, alligators, and now, even Capybaras!

This spring, Ikumimama came up with a colorful Easter Doughnut Set that features Bunny (Usa-chan)-shaped doughnuts and Chick (Hiyoko)-shaped doughnuts topped with sweet and adorable mini eggs.

The delicious treats are nut-free and can also make a perfect gift choice to those who have a sweet tooth this Easter.

The animal-shaped doughnuts can have different facial expressions, so that’s another thing to look forward to when it arrives.

The Easter set contains eight doughnuts per total: four Easter eggs (flavors: white chocolate, strawberry chocolate, pumpkin chocolate, with a bit of spirulina blue pigment), one yellow-colored chick (pumpkin chocolate flavor), one orange chick (pumpkin chocolate/strawberry chocolate), one white rabbit (white chocolate flavor) and one pink rabbit (strawberry chocolate).

Wheat, eggs, soybeans, milk

Price: 1,790 yen (tax included, shipping fee paid separately)
You can find more information about the product or purchase it on the Ikumimama Easter Set Official Store Page.

In Japan, the new academic year starts in April, so besides the Easter Set, you can also send a congratulatory gift set to your children/grandchildren.

The set has two pink bunnies(strawberry chocolate flavor), two blue bunnies(white chocolate and spirulina for the blue pigment), and a congratulations(おめでとう/omedetou) letters doughnuts(kinako chocolate flavor).
※The set also includes almonds (marked with ◆ ).

Price: 2,080 yen (tax and shipping fee included).

You can see more details or purchase the set on the Ikumimama Omedetou Set Official Store Page.

Ikumimama also released a Capybara limited-time doughnut set that includes six adorable capybara-shaped doughnuts.

The treats come in coffee chocolate flavor (filled with sweet chocolate) and white chocolate flavor, with fillings of coffee chocolate, pumpkin chocolate, and strawberry chocolate.

You can buy it on the Ikumimama Capybara Set Official Store Page for 2,790 yen (tax and shipping fee included).

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