When it comes to covering every nook and cranny of the sometimes incredibly niche world of Japanese capsule toys, Qualia has quite the resume. In the past the capsule toy maker has released miniature gorillas wearing fashionable randoseru bags, chibi cats being picked up from the scruff of their necks, and even Lovecraftian squid and watermelon hybrids.

Now Qualia is turning to bento lunch boxes for their latest release, turning some of the more popular food items found in bento into an all star lineup of adorable miniature plushies.

The lineup transforms common bento food items such as rice balls and wieners cut to resemble and octopus into miniature fluffy plushies that can double as a key chain.

Rice balls

Fried Shrimp

Wiener cut into an octopus shape




The bento plushies are available for 300 yen a try at capsule toy machines around Japan.

By - Big Neko.