Japanese retailer Felissimo's Nekobu (Cat Club) is always thinking of creative ways to make cat lovers purr. With cute and quirky releases such as Buddha scratching posts that turn your cat into an enlightened kitty and moisturizing gel inspired by cat drool under their belts, there doesn't seem to be a limit to feline-themed goods they release.

That's only bound to expand as Felissimo is setting their paws into the world of fantasy, this time releasing charming pouches shaped like antique fairy tale books that turn cats into the stars of Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, The Little Mermaid, Alice in Wonderland, and Hansel and Gretel.

Underneath the illustration on the cover, which features different breeds of cats as fairy tale protagonists, is an excerpt in English from each story. A portion of the cover is decorated with gold foil stamping. Because of its tome-like shape, each pouch can be stored upright like a book when not used to carry around your goods.

As will all Cat Club releases, a portion of each purchase is donated to efforts to help stray cats and dogs all throughout Japan. The fairy tale cat pouches can be ordered from both Felissimo's international and Japanese stores.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.