Although house cats have been domesticated and many never even go outdoors, they still retain their hunter instincts.

Many, but not all, cats will often present their owners with dead mice that they’ve captured to express their love.

And other times cats can go a little wild when its play time. They get too excited and end up biting or scratching their owners.

Meet Noi

Twitter User (@neu_1211) found Noi on the side of the road when she was less than 2 months old.

She’s now about 5 months old and they live together happily.

Killer Instincts

When (@neu_1211) bought Noi a stuffed shark toy earlier this month, it made her go berserker.

(@neu_1211) posted a video of Noi enjoying her new toy.

Noi loves kicking her shark plushy. I’m not sure if it’s the right way to play, but it’s so funny to watch, I can’t stop laughing LOL

Noi grips her shark with her front paws, while simultaneously biting on its face and kicking it around with her hind legs.

It’s so funny to see the cat lying prone on her owner’s lap, completely relaxed, going crazy with her shark toy.

I wouldn’t want to be the shark in this case…

(@neu_1211)’s video has gotten more than 463K views on Twitter.

Hopefully this frenzied feline made you smile and brightened your day!

By - Mujo.