Shiba dog Ranmaru lives in the tranquil countryside with his owner.

His owner’s older brother and sister live far away, so he regularly updates his Ranmaru-dedicated YouTube channel to keep them from getting lonely.

Shokupan or Shiba Inu

Many Shibas are known for their golden fur, which makes them look a bit like a loaf of Japanese bread called shokupan.

So Ranmaru’s owner took the idea a step further and put the two head to head.

He placed a loaf of shokupan on Ranmaru’s favorite cushion and then proceeded to gently stroke the bread to see how Ranmaru would react.

And of course he recorded the episode so his siblings wouldn’t miss out on the fun!

Stroking Shokupan in Front of Shiba Inu

The owner reached for Ranmaru as if to pet him, but unexpectedly went for the bread instead!

Ranmaru was NOT pleased to say the least.

He became so jealous that he began growling and barked out in anger.

"I’ve never seen a Shiba Inu get jealous of bread before!" many users commented.

  • I’ve seen dogs get jealous over their toys before, but bread is a first!
  • What an interesting idea to pet a loaf of bread!
  • I really didn’t think he’d get angry! Wait… which one is bread and which is the dog…

Luckily, all it took for Ranmaru to calm down was to receive the love that he deserved all along.

But his owner shouldn’t be surprised if Ranmaru gets upset the next time he’s cutting up a fresh loaf of shokupan.

By - Mujo.