Taking care of a dog isn’t all just bundles of fun and getting your face licked…but it is mostly isn’t it?

Pet owners know we have to properly feed and groom our dogs, and that includes giving them a bath to keep them clean and from smelling like…yeah.

Some dogs are almost as averse to baths as cats.

Luckily for Taro’s owner (@pome_tarosu) that doesn’t seem to be the case.

This Dog’s Face During Bath Time is Priceless

Meet Taro, a Chipom (Chihuahua and Pomeranian mix).

Cute enough in his new jacket right?

Taro’s owner (@pome=tarosu) recently posted a few pictures on Twitter of bath time with Taro and the pictures went viral, getting over 45K Likes in the last week.

Reproduced with permission from ポメチワたろす(@pome_tarosu)

"How’s the temperature Taro?"

Reproduced with permission from ポメチワたろす(@pome_tarosu)

"Aaaah…just right…"

Reproduced with permission from ポメチワたろす(@pome_tarosu)

Looks like Taro found Heaven on Earth!

You can tell how good Taro felt from the look of bliss on his face!

Some dogs don’t like to get wet, but it’s a bit rare to see one enjoying a bath to this extent.

Users React to Taro

  • That’s the perfect face!
  • It must feel so good! Makes me want to go to the hot springs.
  • How soothing! Some dogs really love bath time.

Taro’s owner (@pome_tarosu) couldn’t help but share another photo of Taro once his face got wet…

For more photos and videos of Taro, check out the SNS links below!

By - Mujo.