With COVID-19 still in full swing in Japan, it is difficult for residents to join physical training lessons or pursue their typical exercise regimen. Nevertheless, physical exercise remains paramount to staying happy and healthy during complex and uncertain times.

That said, many are seeking online live training sessions like Jibunme. Jibunme embraces the concept of "cultivating a beautiful mind, strong body, intellectual creativity, and self-love.” The platform provides mindfulness content such as yoga and meditation to improve users’ physical and mental health, workshops to explore values for a better life, and fortune-telling to help users understand their current condition.

Furthermore, the platform is full-service. Each week, more than 40 instructors conduct more than 60 lessons, all live! Thanks to the live and interactive lessons, users can feel as though they are actually participating in an exercise class despite not leaving the comfort of their own homes.

Positive feedback from happy users

Sure enough, the proof is in the pudding. Expecting nothing less from well-being and mindfulness training, numerous users had positive feedback on their experience with the platform:

  • "It's very refreshing to be able to meditate during my lunch break. It is beneficial for me."
  • "Jibunme makes for a good lunch break when working from home. Content that is perfect for middle-aged people who are tired from a long day of working!"
  • "I felt uplifted even after my first experience of face yoga! I will definitely participate again next week!"
  • "I participated in the online classes and soon found my own rhythm. I want to understand my ‘true self’ more closely.”

Content examples

As mentioned, the platform offers many types of classes from professional instructors. Here are a few examples:

[Yoga] Rainbow flow with Miro Imai from Maurea Yoga Studio

Miro's flow-style yoga live lessons are broadcast from bright and sunny Hawaii. The instructor seeks to guide users to find harmony between mind and body by linking mindful movements and breathing. She incorporates several color elements into her asanas as she guides users to tune their body and mind. Any reader in doubt should simply tune into the beginning of a lesson, where she starts by showing participants the sky of Hawaii!

[Meditation] Power Nap for recovering from fatigue with Itsuka Matsuo of Zero Gym

Business people, particularly in Japan, know the pain of the afternoon doldrums. Itsuka's content is naturally popular with this group as it is effective for improving performance in the afternoon. Power naps, of course, are short daytime snoozes that have increasingly been incorporated into the routines of leading institutions and companies such as NASA and Google. Such naps have also been empirically shown to improve work performance dramatically. Itsuka guides users through the short break using a sleep meditation technique developed by Zero Gym. The exercise helps reset drowsiness and fatigue.

[Fortune-telling] Osho Zen Tarot & Modern Kabbalah Numerology with instructor Ikumi

Instructor Ikumi’s popular content helps users realize their essence through mindfulness and fortune-telling. Leveraging Kabbalah numerology and the subconscious mind, she uses tarot cards to ask users, "Who are you?” and “What can you do to realize your ideal future?"

Naturally, these examples only scratch the surface. Indeed, Jibunme offers various other content types to help users improve their lifestyles. In so doing, Russell, the innovator behind the platform, collaborates with Japanese entertainers to promote mindfulness. Overall, the platform aims to base its service on the concept of using "self-love" to improve people’s lives.

As the service launched April 15th, Interested users should check out Jibunme’s Instagram for more information. There, they can find more information about reservations for the service, which requires a monthly fee of 3,900 JPY and a 1,300 JPY charge per class. Enjoy!

By - Luke Mahoney.