The National Museum of Nature and Science is revitalising regions across Japan by introducing unique collaborative exhibitions to local museums.
The first collaboration will see the National Museum of Nature and Science and Pokémon Co., Ltd. work together on the exhibition; ‘Pokémon Fossil Museum’. The special exhibition will allow visitors to learn about paleontology through observation and comparison to characters from the Pokémon franchise.

The exhibition will first land at Mikasa City Museum in the summer of this year before traveling from museum to museum across Japan.

The Pokémon Fossil Museum is the first event in a project hosted by the National Museum of Nature and Science, that will see collaborative exhibitions travel nationwide with the aim to create a learning space that is both informative and entertaining.

The main purpose of the Pokémon Fossil Museum is to teach visitors about paleontology in an enjoyable way through comparisons of fossils from the real world and the fossil Pokémon that appear in the popular gaming and anime franchise.

The idea was drafted by Mikasa City Museum’s Daisuke Aiba, before being pitched to the National Museum of Nature and Science and Pokémon Co. Ltd, who gladly agreed to cooperate with the design.

Traveling Exhibition "Pokémon Fossil Museum

Overall Holding Period: Summer 2021 – Summer 2023

Summer 2021: Mikasa City Museum, Hokkaido
Autumn 2021: Shimane Prefectural Sanbe Nature Museum
Spring 2022: National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo
Summer 2022: Toyohashi City Museum of Natural History, Aichi
Venues from autumn 2022 onwards are yet to be announced.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.