A few years ago, Japanese company Showtime Inc. introduced their flagship product Chabacco, which cleverly delivers packaged sticks of high quality powdered Japanese tea in boxes and cartons inspired by classic cigarette package designs. Chabacco, which is a play on the word "tobacco" and chabako 茶箱 ("tea box" in Japanese), was developed with the intent of revitalizing stagnant tea markets in Japan (particularly during the pandemic) and reinvigorating it with the "green tea boom" of the international market.

Based in Shizuoka prefecture, known for its rich green tea tradition and production, Chabacco was originally available in refurbished cigarette vending machines (which we had the pleasure of sampling them from!). With Chabacco's charm spreading in Japan, similar vending machines will now be available in Kagoshima with some all new regional designs.

The new Kagoshima-themed lineup of Chabacco is a collaboration between the Shizuoka product and tea makers in Kagoshima, who are renowned in their own right making the prefecture the top tea producing region in the year 2019. The collaboration embodies a theme of "cooperation, not competition" between Kagoshima and Showtime Inc. in popularizing tea around Japan.

The vending machines, which will stock blends of Arabiki Green Tea, Arabiki Genmaicha (green tea mixed with roasted brown rice), and Matcha located at Unagi no Eki and Michi no Eki Tarumizu hot spring in Kagoshima. Chabacco is also available via online store purchase.

Arabiki Green Tea

Arabiki Genmaicha


By - grape Japan editorial staff.