Dog lovers all know the feeling. When you settle in for the night with the takeout you’ve been looking forward to, and then you look down and see your dog’s begging eyes. Suddenly you feel guilty for being the only one with a treat, but you also know giving your dog a greasy, cheesy pizza is going to do his health no favours.

So what do you do? One Shiba inu owner in Japan stumbled upon the perfect item in the pet shop so that they can chow down together. He’d been noticing his dog, called Kotaro, had been giving him eyes every time he ordered pizza.

So in the refrigerated section of the pet shop, he found a pizza made just for dogs, which comes in a box made to look like the pizza boxes used by Pizza-La, a takeout pizza chain.

The owner ordered his own pizza, then revealed that this time, Kotaro has one to enjoy too.

He looks so excited!

The pizza itself also looks pretty convincing! But all the ingredients are appropriate for dogs, so Kotaro can dig in with no worries.

If you want to see more adorable shibe antics, check out Kotaro’s Twitter page which is full of cute pics and videos.

By - Jess.