Lindt is known globally for their high quality chocolate, but their Japanese branches have some particularly inventive beverages which are surely the envy of chocoholics everywhere.

Previously we’ve seen elaborate sakura creations, and luxurious matcha hot chocolate for Christmas.

Their latest release celebrates not only chocolate, but a specific type of Japanese matcha. ‘Sky Matcha’ is made from green tea grown on the mountainside, and Lindt are using a type cultivated in Shizuoka. The beverage is appearing in time for the season of ‘shincha’, when the first tea of the season starts to be cultivated.

This super rich and deep flavoured tea is being combined with Lindt’s sweet white chocolate. There’s also matcha pudding in the mix to add an interesting texture.

The aesthetically pleasing depiction of Mount Fuji on the top of the drink is achieved with a white chocolate plate on top, which can be broken through with the straw. As an extra detail, the rim of the cup is also decorated with matcha white chocolate in an attractive drip pattern.

Along with the drink, there’s also 'Sky Matcha' macarons appearing on the menu at the same time.

The matcha-rific beverage went on sale from 28th April 2021 for 780 yen and can currently be found in branches of Lindt Chocolat Cafe across Japan.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.