Shiba inu fans don't have to worry about much of a shortage for quirky merchandise inspired by their favorite doggos. Goodglas is stepping up to the plate to add to the never-ending lineup of adorable Shiba Inu goods, this time with bubbly glasses that'll turn your beverage into your very own Shiba Inu drink!

The handmade blown double glass walls give each cup a bubbly and rounded figure, making for a pair of upside down but chubby and cheeky Shiba Inu filled out by the beverage you pour in. They're available in brown and clear varieties (although it's simply tinted that way, the Shiba will take on the color of what beverage you fill the glass with).

The heat resistant "double glass" structure means you can enjoy both hot and cold drinks in your Shiba inu cup, although who's to stop you from making some Shiba ice cream?

You can check out and order the adorable bubbly Shiba inu mugs at Grape SHOP, as well as other animal models!

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.