My husband and I had the opportunity to visit some hidden spots in the Chiba Prefecture when I went bamboo shoots digging in Sanmu, and along the way, we also stopped by the Kujūkuri Herb Garden (kujūkuri hābu gāden 九十九里ハーブガーデン).

A friend, who is also a resident of the area, recommended the place to us. He told us that it has a peaceful garden, delicious dishes, unique beverages we can try out while there, and many fun goods using herbs.

We decided to stop by and see if we can have something to drink.

There is no entrance fee, so we decided to walk around the garden before looking at the souvenirs and menu inside.

It was quiet, relaxing, and we could also discover so many plants and herbs while taking a leisurely walk.

Photo by © cinnamonellie

In the garden, we also found a place where they sell plants and herbs, so we decided to stop by.

I wanted to buy a Hyacinth bulb because it is one of my favorite spring flowers, but I tried not to get my hopes up because I’ve been looking for it everywhere I went, with no luck so far.

Surprisingly, I could spot something that looked similar right at the entrance. I tried not to get hyped up before confirming it is Hyacinth, so I got closer to check the name.


There is a saying that prayers get an answer when you least expect it.


I finally found my flower in the most unexpected place, and it wasn’t just one bulb, but three in one pot, sold at an affordable price.

For those interested, the name in Japanese is ヒヤシンス (hiyashinsu). I decided to get it after looking around for a little bit more.

At the mini herb shop inside the garden, I could spot many unusual plants, many types of herbs, dried flowers, and even a couple of roses.

After the happy purchase, we stayed a bit more to enjoy the peacefulness of the garden, and afterward, we headed to the souvenir / café area.

When we entered the place (situated right at the entrance), we noticed a couple of items, many based on herbs and a lot of teas!


As a tea lover, I took my time to discover new blends so I can bring back home a couple of boxes.

There was also a corner with herb tea that highlighted the benefits of the herbs used; for example, beautiful skin, good for fatigue, good for digestion, etc.

That made it a lot easier to choose, and I went for the いきいきブレンド (ikiiki burendo Lively Blend) herb tea that had a beautiful crimson color, and it’s supposed to make you feel full of energy and less tired.

It contains rosehip, hibiscus, rose red and orange peels. When I got back home, I had to try it right away. It has a refreshing, fruity, sour taste.

Photo by © cinnamonellie

It reminded me of cranberries a little. I like sour teas, so I drank it without sweetening it, but for those who prefer it sweeter, honey might be the perfect match.

What I noticed is that I immediately felt more lively, less sleepy, and got some power back.


After getting our souvenirs, such as teas, cookies to go with it, and a few more herb items, we ordered some food.

They had these gorgeous-looking cakes, so we went for the blueberry cheese pies and two seasonal beverages: hot tea with plenty of berries and the non-alcohol refreshing mojito.

Photo by © cinnamonellie

Both were incredibly delicious and, without a doubt, Instagram-worthy.

Photo by © cinnamonellie

The prices are affordable, and they have so many options of herb teas, sweets, and dishes you can choose from.


Photo by © cinnamonellie

You can either have it inside or outside. We chose the terrace, and it felt so relaxing having our afternoon tea while enjoying the fresh air, listening to the sound of nature and the birds chirping.


Photo by © cinnamonellie

Besides the garden, you can explore the surroundings and enjoy a more rural area of Japan or head off to Kujūkuri Beach.

The Herb Garden also has a camping ground, and you can also bring your pet with you. Sometimes, you can even participate in workshops or events, so it is a fantastic place to enjoy yourself by yourself, with friends, family, or together with your dog.

For more information about the Kujūkuri Herb Garden, things to do, menu, and items for sale, check out their Official Website.


By - cinnamonellie.