Plastic modeling, often called "puramo" for short in Japan, can be quite the time consuming hobby. When truly talented hobbyists put their mind to it, they can create truly amazing masterpieces that look like anime stills and recreate epic scenes from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Japanese capsule toy manufacturer Syuto's latest release will definitely keep model enthusiasts busy. The maker has released full scale sushi model kits that allow you to build each serving of sushi rice grain by rice grain for unique sushi models.

The sushi model sets, which are available in tuna and salmon varieties, are built to a full 1/1 scale, and contain 364 plastic grains of rice that you can assemble piece by piece. Keep in mind their is no guide or determined instruction for building, resulting in sushi models crafted as you personally see fit.

You can pick up the grains one by one with tweezers and shape them, or you can roughly assemble them with the palm of your hand. After applying adhesive and a fresh coast of paint, the models look like mouthwatering pieces of sushi.

Each model set comes packaged in boxes typically used for takeout sushi orders at restaraunts and department stores.

Both tuna and salmon sushi model sets are available via Amazon for 1,430 yen.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.