Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba has exploded in popularity since the anime’s release, and the series has inspired plenty of awesome collaborations. For example, we’ve seen Demon Slayer hair wax and even a Kimetsu no Yaiba spa.

This latest joint effort is one for skateboarders and lovers of skate fashion. Element is a world renowned skate brand and for their collaboration with Kimetsu no Yaiba they’ve announced skateboard designs, wheels, and grip tape featuring the characters which will be released later in the year. For now, they’re releasing a capsule collection of t-shirts in various Demon Slayer-inspired designs.

90s fashion is back in a big way and baggy skater gear is totally in right now. Anime characters like this from Kimetsu no Yaiba also really suit the style of the retro-inspired wear, adding a cool and unique motif. Each of the shirts come in several sizes and colours.

Some feature four characters.

While others feature nine characters inside the letters of the word ‘Element’.

There’s also designs that prominently feature one character, and you can choose from Tanjiro or Zenitsu.

The last option has just the Element logo and the title ‘Kimetsu no Yaiba’ in Japanese.

These can be preordered on the Bandai Fashion website, Element Japan and various skate and sports shops around Japan. It also looks like there will be even more exciting drops to come from this demon collaboration.

By - Jess.