grape Japan has a fascination with breathtaking vistas—rightfully so, I might add. Sure enough, we’ve covered some of the more fantastic views caught on film: a meteor soaring above the summit of Mt. Fuji and fantastic ski resorts nestled among the mountains of the Hakuba valley. Nevertheless, no trekking guide would be complete without sharing a few secret locations where wanders can discover a stunning view for themselves.

Indeed, we are not alone in our efforts. Talented photographers throughout Japan publish countless posts daily capturing the country’s stunning natural scenes. Many train their focus on the spectacular mountain ranges, particularly the Japanese Alps and Mt. Fuji. Recently, photographer and Twitter user Yasuto Inagaki イナガキヤスト (@inagakiyasuto) posted these photos of Toyama which became popular on Twitter:

"This is what happens when Toyama goes all out in Spring."

The colorful flowers are beautiful to behold—it’s hard not to be impressed by such a scene. Moreover, the snow-covered peaks, together with the blossoming flowers, provide a vivid mix of winter and spring. The layering of the flowers in rows is also an interesting effect. The photographer’s followers reacted:

  • "It's nice! I can't go out during COVID-19, but I can still enjoy this view even though it's a picture.”
  • “Wow! It's beautiful! Can I use it as my smartphone wallpaper?”
  • “I became speechless looking at this beautiful view.”

Inagakiyasuto has quite the eye, which he regularly trains on Toyama. He continually posts photos of the iconic coastal city on his Twitter and Instagram accounts. Here is another awesome post by the photographer:

"The sky when Toyama goes all out."

This post showcases an interesting interplay between manufactured objects and majestic nature. His followers reacted:

  • "My 85-year-old father lived in Toyama when he was young and often climbed Mt. Tsurugi. He was nostalgic with tears when he saw this picture! Please continue to take these wonderful and moving pictures. I was also impressed by the Tateyama mountain range from Amaharashi”
  • “I can't go home because of COVID-19, and I spend my days feeling sad. But this picture makes me happy.”
  • “I saw Mt. Kureha here after a long time, and I cried. I haven't returned for a while, but I would like to return when this situation calms down. I’ll be looking forward to your wonderful photos from now on.”
  • “My mother is from Toyama, so I've been to Toyama many times since I was little. Yet, I've never seen such a wonderful view. I was able to go to Toyama when there were no infected people in March, but I can't go as I used to, and I feel lonely. I would be thrilled if I could see more images like this.”
  • “How fascinating. The colors of the mountains and the sky happen to match the ANA aircraft's color. ANA has a nice design, doesn't it? I'm looking forward to seeing more of your pictures.”
  • “I have never been to Toyama, but when I saw this cityscape where my loved ones live, I cried. I want to see this view with my own eyes someday.”

I noticed many people said they cried upon viewing this striking picture. Inagakiyasuto’s art is genuinely moving.

Toyama in the moonlight

Inagaki also likes to “collaborate” with Mr. Moonlight throughout his work. Here is a picture the photographer posted of a harvest moon.

"Autumn moon in Toyama"

Inagaki took this picture from his home! The surface of the moon is mysterious and interesting. His followers reacted:

  • "This is a photo from your home!? It's so amazing”
  • “I hear bad news every day, but this photo lifts my spirits.”
  • “I love the full moon. I want to use it as my wallpaper!”

The photographer also posted this:

"The moon has just set"

The contrast makes for such a romantic image. His followers reacted:

  • "Wow! It's awesome. I want to press 'like' more."
  • “I also took a picture of the moon today. But the skill level is so different! Lol."
  • “I want many people to see this. It's really nice”

Indeed, Yasuto Inagaki’s work is very moving. If you agree, you can find more content on the photographer's Twitter page and Instagram. Enjoy!

By - Luke Mahoney.