Summer is just a few months away. As the temperature and humidity increase, many people get an uncomfortable feeling due to an oily scalp, which is sometimes accompanied by bad odor. Many people may also suffer from dandruff and hair loss regardless of the season.

There are many ways to treat your scalp, such as using special-care shampoos and treatments or massaging with hair tonics, but we also recommend using a scalp brush as part of your regular care routine.

100% natural white horsehair

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This "White Horsehair Scalp Brush: Sakura" is made of 100% all-natural genuine white horsehair which is gentle on your scalp. The horsehairs, arranged on the brush head in the recognizable five-petaled pattern of a cherry flower, gently touch your scalp like five fingers, giving you a massaging effect.

For dirt that handwashing can't remove

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Unlike inferior products which skimp on the number of hairs, the horsehairs in this brush are packed tightly for a dense brush feel. The horsehairs efficiently scrub away sebum buildup in the scalp that can potentially cause flaking, foul odor, and hair loss.

The handle is made of Japanese cypresswood for use in the bath.

Art Brush, a long-established company in Asakusa

The "White Horsehair Scalp Brush: Sakura" is a product of Art Brush, a company that has been in business for over 100 years in Tokyo's Asakusa, a traditional neighborhood known for manufacturing.

From the selection of materials to the manufacturing and finishing of the product, it is made with the utmost care.

Brush cleaner included

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After use, the brush can be easily cleaned with a special cleaning tool that comes with it. Taking care of your brush in this way will let you enjoy it for a long time.

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