Japanese variety store Village Vanguard have plenty of awesome animal-themed items on offer, and when it comes to sea creatures they seem to have one particular favourite. With the release of giant wearable tentacle plushies and ceramic tentacle spoons, we’re starting to think they have a thing for cephalopods.

Their next nautical venture is a creepy, but kind of cute, addition to your cup of tea. As part of the ‘Animal Sugar’ series they’ve brought out some octopus tentacle sugar crafts.

They’re made so you can hang them on the rim of your cup at first to add some charm.

Once you’re done admiring that, you can plop it into the cup to dissolve and sweeten your drink.

If you can get your hands on some blue coloured herbal tea, it looks particularly fitting. But any type of beverage that you want sweetened would work. These protruding tentacles would look extra spooky coming out of black tea, giving some 'kraken creeping out of the depths' vibes.

The packaging is also pretty enough to make it the perfect gift for your mollusc-loving friends.

These sweet, sweet tentacles can be caught for 756 yen in Village Vanguard.

By - Jess.