What started as a campaign to bring visitors to lesser known areas of Japan, Pokemon manhole covers have really been taking over recently. Called ‘Pokefuta’ in Japanese and ‘Poke Lids’ in English, they now number at 167 charming designs across 15 prefectures. Usually spread far and wide over their area, they’re perfect for intrepid Pokemon trainers who love travelling in Japan as much as they love catching ‘em all.

Last year Miyazaki became the first place in Kyushu to get their own Poke Lids, and Exeggutor (both ordinary and Alolan version) was selected as the area’s representative Pokemon. As a Pokemon which resembles a palm tree, it perfectly embodies Miyazaki’s tropical climate.

Now the area will get eight more awesome designs to boast about, each one featuring Exeggutor and other Pokemon favourites such as Alolan Raichu and Marshtomp.

Locations for all the Pokemon manhole covers can be found on the Poke Lids website, which includes every single Pokemon manhole cover to be found in Japan currently. Each one is one-of-a-kind so you have to travel to that exact place to see it. Most are permanent but some are temporary so be sure not to miss out on your favourite Pokemon!

By - Jess.