Japanese Twitter user Shin (@shinseyes) recently was at Nara park in Nara city to take seasonal spring photos.

His photos of a deer and cherry blossoms are receiving viral popularity on the internet.

Although Shin has been a regular at Nara Park, “views like these photos don’t come by often”, he says.

Source: @shinseyes

Source: @shinseyes

Source: @shinseyes

"I took some photos of deer munching on sakura blossoms "

In the photo, the deer is on his hind legs stretching his back, and nibbling on cherry blossoms.

Flower petals floating in the air are making it look so dreamy, too.

There were many people who felt moved by these beautiful shots.

”The deer must know the taste of spring!

”What a wonderful picture! I can feel the spring in this photo.

”How adorable. I didn’t know deer ate cherry blossoms.

Due to covid-19 pandemic effects since February 2020, unfortunately, people were again advised to refrain from visiting Hanami (cherry blossom viewing) events this year.

However, despite the unfortunate situation, photos like these still allow us to enjoy spring scenery in a different way.

By - Mugi.