Spring is a season for cherry blossoms. When you see them in full bloom, it feels almost like cleansing your heart away.

However, once it’s in full bloom, it is only a few days away until the petals start to fall on the ground.

It is such short lived, but some say that’s what makes them more beautiful. Even then, it’s hard not to feel any sadness when you see green leafed cherry trees with no flowers on them.

Japanese Twitter user Cha-cha (@chacha_nene_jp) took some photos when the cherry blossoms were just starting to fall on the ground.

In the river, there happened to be what Japanese call “Hana Ikada” (flower raft), where petals float and fill up the water surface. However, the amount of the petals was beyond what you could imagine this time.

Take a look at those 4 beautiful photos.

Source: @chacha_nene_jp

Source: @chacha_nene_jp

Source: @chacha_nene_jp

Source: @chacha_nene_jp

There was a duck in the middle of Hana Ikada. He was looking cute with a little petal on his head.

The amount of flower petals in the river is unreal.

And then there’s a duck swimming through the mount of flower petals. He must have taken a dip in the water, too, seeing he’s got petals all over his body.

There were many people who were impressed by these photos, leaving a comment like “beautiful”.

"How elegant. This is the real “sakura (cherry) carpet”.

So many petals! This is quite the sea of cherry blossoms!"

"So gorgeous! This looks like a beautiful painting!"

There is no flower raft to be seen without fallen flowers.

Perhaps, such sentiment itself is another seasonal thing we can enjoy about the spring season!

By - Mugi.