In Japan, what is called unkai (sea of clouds) can be seen under certain climate conditions.

It is a quite mysterious view when mountains peak their heads out in between the sea of clouds.

Japanese photographer @wasabitool took 4 photos of famous cherry blossom spot of Mount Yoshino in Nara prefecture.

The photos were posted on Twitter, and people are mesmerized with the view, leaving such comments as: “Such a rare view of cherry blossoms, let alone Unkai itself!” “This does not look like from this world”?

Take a look at the dreamlike spring photos of Mount Yoshino.

Source: @wasabitool

Source: @wasabitool

Source: @wasabitool

Source: @wasabitool

"A world heritage site; Mount Yoshino. It’s been my dream to capture this view of cherry blossoms in a sea of clouds. "

The view from the peak is Unkai, the sea of clouds and cherry blossoms in full bloom in between the clouds.

The Unkai is gently lit from the town light in the middle of the mountains, and it is creating a breathtaking view.

The 4th photo almost looks like a brush, black ink painting of the mountains and added light pink for cherry blossoms.

These photos left a strong impression on many people leaving comments as below.

"Incredible. I bet God lives in a place like this with an amazing view. "

"This is so beautiful it left me in awe. This will give me a good dream to have tonight."

"Unkai itself is a rare thing to witness. This collaboration of cherry blossoms AND Unkai, “Sakura Unkai” is just amazing."

Due to bad weather conditions that day and timing, there were many who could not capture this shot as they planned. So, when you think about it, the fact these 4 shots were captured was by a miraculous good luck.

It makes you anticipate something good when you see such a rare incredible view, doesn’t it

By - Mugi.