The first protein sweets using the Japanese plant-based protein, GRØN, were released on April 22nd at the Café OPEN NAKAMEGURO.

GRØN uses only plant-based ingredients, no fillers, sweeteners, or anything artificial; therefore, the name choice, GRØN (which translates as green in Danish and is pronounced /ɡrœn/).

The company had as a concept the Nordic values. It mainly focused on the idea of sustainability and the use of local ingredients when launching the product.

The protein brand launched in 2018, and in the process of making it, the company used ancient methods blended with modern technology.

Natural, simple, with a goal towards a better, healthier, and more sustainable environment, GRØN is also a good vegan and gluten-free option. It is a perfect product for those who want to opt for a more environmentally friendly product, too.

The OPEN NAKAMEGURO Café teamed up with the protein brand and has now released two desserts based on GRØN: Berry Beats Granola and Matcha Banana Granola.

Both have fresh fruits at the bottom, granola in the middle, and yogurt mixed with the protein GRØN on top and are a good choice for a healthy snack, a healthy dessert, or breakfast.

Berry Beets Granola

The Berry Beats Granola uses GRØN Red Heat protein which includes soy protein, beetroots, amazake, goji berries, Okinawa purple sweet potatoes, maca, and sugar beet molasses.

As a finishing touch, they added strawberries and yogurt for a more refreshing, sweet-sour flavor.

  • Available: April 22nd - May 6th
  • Price: 660 yen (tax included)

Matcha Banana Granola

The Matcha Banana Granola uses GRØN Matcha All-Stars, which has as main ingredients pea protein, organic matcha from the Shizuoka Prefecture, Okinawa Mulberry Leaves, Okinawa Kokuto sugar, Morinaga leaves, and sugar beet molasses. 

The sweet taste of bananas and the bitterness of matcha give it the perfect balance. Also, by adding black honey, it has a rich and more luxurious flavor.

  • Available: May 7th - May 21st
  • Price: 660 yen (tax included)
For more information, check out the OPEN NAKAMEGURO's Official Website.

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