In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Yokohama Municipal Transportation and the Yohokama Municipal Library, a collaboration exhibition will be held for a limited time at the Yokohama City Central Library.

During the exhibition, visitors will have the opportunity to appreciate a valuable collection of transportation-related items and exhibits until the 5th of May (Wednesday), the last day of the Golden Week in Japan.

There will be various items related to Yokohama's municipal transportation system, such as train models, old photos of the city featuring streets of the old Yokohama, trams, cars, and other methods of transportation but also information and the stories behind the items.

You can discover so much about the city and the history of transportation while taking a trip to the past, complete with nostalgic scenery of Yokohama and old Japan.

The library also has a collection of books carefully selected by professional researchers so visitors can get a better understanding of the items featured in the exhibition.

Starting from the first floor of the building, visitors will get the opportunity to enjoy the 100th-anniversary exhibition of the city’s Library and Municipal Transportation.

Tram model (1F)

There will be a chronology of items, including related information, books, train models, etc.

Exhibition (1F)

Armbands (1F)

On the third floor, you will discover various means of public transportation in Yokohama, such as streetcars (tramway), and photographs comparing past and present.

Photographs of old Yokohama vs. now (3F)

You can also see how trams looked like before and enjoy a series of picture postcards besides the nostalgic photographs.

Going up to the fourth floor, visitors will have the chance to learn about the municipal subway and buses as well as the people involved in maintaining them.

People working at depots (4F)

There will be photos of vehicles such as the Bayside Blue (ベイサイドブルー / Beisaido Burū) but also photos of those who work at depots and maintenance shops.

The fifth floor has an exhibition of the Japanese printmaker and graphic designer Kazumasa Nagai’s works, including the poster for the 100th anniversary of municipal transportation in Yokohama.

Take your time to enjoy each model, each exhibit, and discover their stories. For more related information, check Yokohama City’s Official Website.

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