Cats often throw punches with their front paws, aka a “cat punch”.

It is a part of their hunting instinct, and as cats they all naturally know how to throw a quick paw jab.

However, Ku-chan, a rescue cat in Japan, recently took it to the next level, and had his own “cat-punch seminar” to show how it’s done.

Here are some photos Japanese Twitter user @kunyan_kainyan took of Ku-chan practicing their feline martial arts routine.

Source: @kunyan_kainyan

“For a proper “cat-punch”, you keep your elbows tucked in like this…”

Source: @kunyan_kainyan

“then release...”PAW”!”

Ku’s face is just as serious as professional boxing coach, teaching how cat-punch is done right.

You can only assume that his brother, Kai was also taking Ku’s nightly lessons!

This post received viral popularity as well as many comments.

This is like that famous manga, “Tomorrow’s Joe”, but “Tomorrow’s cat”, maybe.

Too hysterical! I didn’t know they also take their claws out when throwing cat-punches!

Looking quite passionate teaching his skills. He looks very human-like.

Ku couldn’t be more passionate about his training.

Maybe, after all his lessons, his cat-punch becomes even more powerful than ever!

By - Mugi.