Does a salt bath sound desirable? At first, it's hard to say. Nevertheless, since time immemorial, salt has been considered to have a cleansing effect in Japan. Mourners use it to purify bad energy following funerals, while monks and devotees use it for cleansing shrines and religious places. Moreover, sumo wrestlers also famously sprinkle salt to clean the ring before contestants enter.

And others still use it in their bathwater. While it's certainly hard to imagine pouring table salt into baths, numerous fashionable bath salts incorporate sea salt into their products with the intention of helping users to relax.

Recently, Mineralia. Co announced in a press release that it would be incorporating Dead Sea mineral salt into a new product line. Imported as a raw material from Israel, Dead Sea salt has been incorporated into the company's "Rosemary Healing" bath salt item as of April 20th. This bath salt is made of 100% natural ingredients and can be enjoyed from a consumer's home. In addition, users will notice a particularly pleasing fragrance. The unique scent was specifically designed to be reminiscent of a hot spring.

Reaction on Twitter

Indeed, Mineralia's Dead Sea salt product line has found product-market fit in Japan. Numerous users reached for Twitter to express their excitement:

“The bath salts I wanted arrived! Dead Sea bath salts. I can’t wait to take a bath using it.”

"Bath salts! This is the third one I've ordered after they were recommended by a friend for being good for dermatitis. It makes my skin feel very moisturized. Although it is salt, it does not sting or feel unpleasant. I recommend it."

“After cleaning the whole house, I can take my time unwinding in a bath. The sea salts make me sweat some, but it’s very relaxing.”

"My child and I have terrible dermatitis. Since I started using Mineralia bath salts and lotions about 10 years ago, my condition has improved, and I no longer feel so itchy. It seems like I absorb minerals from the salt into my skin. My child is now 19, and she no longer has flare-ups."

Users' excitement is understandable. Mineralia's products were designed with the help of 石田美鈴 Misuzu Ishida, an IFA-certified aromatherapist and perfumer. According to Ishida, she designs fragrances "that adults would be impressed by and be able to relate to." Through her work with Mineralia, the therapist works to create natural aromas that have not been previously featured in other products.

Using Dead Sea salt as a starting point is likely the right move. The salts have a unique balance of minerals, including several compounds that are typically believed to promote health. Due to the presence of magnesium and several other minerals, users can feel confident that the bath salts help promote a healthy lifestyle. In a country where bath time is a serious pastime, that notion is likely resonating with consumers.

Interested users in need of some relaxing downtime can find more information on Mineralia’s website.

By - Luke Mahoney.