Japanese Twitter user Nori (@nori22) posts photos of cats he meets on the streets on his Twitter account.

These threerecent photos have become exceptionally popular with comments on them such as: “the sorrow it’s carrying is unreal” “So accurate”.

He captioned the photos “An excommunicated King has returned to ask Pope for his mercy", and people could not have agreed more!

“An excommunicated King has returned to ask Pope for his mercy."

Source: @nori22

Source: @nori22

Source: @nori22

There’s a cat sitting in front of the gate of a temple in Japan. It looks as if a student came back to ask his master for forgiveness!

There were also many comments suggesting that it resembled a scene from an actual historical event, “Humiliation of Canossa”.

The Humiliation of Canossa took place in 1077, when Roman Emperor Henry the 4th traveled to ask for forgiveness after being excommunicated at the gate of Canossa castle.

There were many people who saw the excommunicated Roman Emperor in this cat, and these were some of the comments left for the post:

"Such a cute 'Humiliation of Canossa!'

"This must be how cats were like when they couldn’t be a part of Chinese zodiac signs!"

"There’s so much sorrow on his back...I hope he was forgiven!"

By the way, the cat was not turned away at the gate after this, but was able to squeeze himself in under the gate!

Source: @nori22

He still managed to get inside after all!

If there was a cute cat sitting like this in front of the gate, there’s no way you can turn them away, but open the gate and welcome them in!

By - Mugi.