Due to the wild spread of novel coronavirus, there are now hand-sanitizers placed in various public places.

However, it has become so common that people now often pass by without even noticing it.

Japanese Twitter user Atarisuku (@akiba_asterisk) found a hand-sanitizer stand that you cannot avoid. The design of this hand-sanitizer stand would surely encourage you to clean your hands. Let’s take a look.

Source: @akiba_asterisk

Source: @akiba_asterisk

Source: @akiba_asterisk

At Hijiri-bashi entrance in Ochanomizu station, there was a sign that says, “Sho-doku (Sanitization) Eki (liquid)”. In an effort to catch public’s attention, there was a clever word -play used in this with the word Eki (both liquid and train station in Japanese). This is the real hand-sanitizer “station” in a train station!

What’s also fascinating is that the design of this Sanitizer “station” sign realistically replicated the details of an actual train station sign! The names of the nearest stations are; “Prevention” and “Habitual Routine”. This sanitizing station sign is so neatly designed that it actually makes you want to use it.

In fact, Ochanomizu station is a nearby station to many hospitals in the area. This is another good reason to encourage habitual use of the hand-sanitizer to keep the public safe, too.

Many people on the internet were impressed with the great sense in this design.

"Oh so clever! 10/10!"

"Awesome pun. A great idea!"

"So, this is the station everyone must stop at… So well played!"

Let’s get to the “Habitual Routine Station” to stop the spread of this virus!

By - Mugi.