BENTO box COFFEE lunch box and coffee tumbler

BENTO box COFFEE is a lunch box made from a new, 100% natural material called Plant Fiber Ceramic®︎* that does not contain plastic (except for the silicone rubber packing). A coffee tumbler made of the same material is also available.

The main raw materials for the body and lid of the lunch box are bamboo dust and coffee grounds, which are recycled materials that would otherwise be thrown away.

Plant Fiber Ceramic®︎ doesn't contain melamine, or any other substances known or suspected to have adverse effects on the human body. It can be disposed of as combustible waste, and when buried in the ground, it will start to decompose completely in about six months.

The lid is in the oval shape of the traditional Japanese わっぱ wappa style lunch box. With a capacity of 550 ml (18.6 fl oz), it's just the right size for one adult. The lunch box is also resistant to breakage and can be used in the dishwasher.

*Plant Fiber Ceramic®︎ is manufactured by Amica Terra Co., Ltd., a Japanese company focused on natural plastic-substitute materials intended to solve the problem of environmental pollution.

The BENTO box COFFEE lunch box costs 4,345 JPY (incl. tax), as do the 500 ml Coffee Cycle Tumbler which come in Bordeaux and Indigo color variations, while the 400 ml tumbler costs 4,070 JPY (incl. tax) and also comes in Bordeaux and Indigo.

See the entire lineup on Good Good Mart's online store.

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.