Here’s a post to help you forget about whatever troubles you’re facing today.

Meet Rei, brought to you by his owner (@hamusutachannel).

(@hamusutachannel) recent post has made people across the world go wild for the little hamster.

The picture, posted on April 25, has already been liked more than 154,000 times!

Among hundreds of comments were some like

  • I want him to hit me with all his strength!
  • It’s so cute! I couldn’t stop looking at him.
  • All my stress from the day has vanished.

Why did everyone fall in love with (@hamusutachannel)’s hamster?

Reproduced with permission from hamusutachannel (@hamusutachannel)

Rei’s holding onto his brightly-colored squeaky toy hammer.

It’s no wonder everyone has made such a fuss over the little guy.

And that’s not the only great shot that (@hamusutachannel) has posted lately.

How about a hamster that can play guitar or deftly handle a samurai sword? Wouldn’t that just make you swoon?

You'll see that, and much more in the slide show below:

Rei and his owner have certainly raised the bar for all those other hamster owners trying to make it on social media…

By - Mujo.