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Free Your Smile with this Clear Mask from Japan

With people around the world wearing masks in public places for over a year now, we’ve all just had to get used to it.

Most businesses in Japan display signs asking for their customers’ cooperation to wear a mask while on the premises.

And while a variety of masks have been developed, from brightly-colored, washable, breathable, designed for sports, etc., where are the clear masks?

Unicharm’s New Clear Mask

On April 27, 2021, the major Japanese manufacturer of hygiene products, Unicharm, began receiving orders for a new kind of mask.

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Called 顔が見えマスク in Japanese, it translates roughly as "Face-Viewing Mask," which as the name implies, allows a clear view of the wearer’s mouth and facial expressions.

With everyone wearing masks, and the use of barriers at registers, in schools, and restaurants, there are many impediments to our everyday communication.

This is a problem in particular for those with hearing impairments, who rely on reading people’s lips to know what they are saying.

This mask was developed specifically for people with hearing and speech disabilities who are now experiencing difficulties communicating due to wearing normal masks.

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Unicharm’s mask is designed to cover the nose and chin and minimize gaps as much as possible. It’s also made of anti-glare transparent film.

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While mouth guards do show one’s face, they are known to be ineffective in preventing infection from water droplets that escape from our mouths during respiration and conversation.

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The mask can be washed by hand with water, so it is reusable.

Hopefully this mask will help many people communicate more easily!

For more information, or to order your own, check out Unicharm’s website from the link below. (Due to popular demand, they are sold out at the time of writing, but they will be back in stock.)

Unicharm’s "Face-Viewing Mask"

Accepting orders since April 27, shipment to begin from May 28.

Order from Unicharm Direct Shop

Price: JPY 1,480

Contents: 1 mask

Size: Unisex, one size fits all

By - Mujo.