Pets dressed up as other stuff is one of the purest forms of comedy. We’ve seen cats cosplaying as Super Mario, and even a feline donning an amazing Stranger Things costume for Halloween. If we can convince our kitty friends to wear a funny outfit, it’ll always be a winner.

Source: @minira_diary

This fancily styled cat is wearing a food-inspired costume which looks particularly warm and cosy. Turns out, a long ear of corn is the perfect shape for a cat to wrap itself up in, and this cat, called Minira, looks incredibly comfortable.

The comfy-looking creation was handmade by the owner which explains why it fits Minira perfectly. It’s pretty detailed, with the shiny yellow kernels, green husks, and even some wool at the top sticking out like the silk.

Source: @minira_diary

With just his head sticking out he looks relaxed enough to fall asleep.

Source: @minira_diary

His owner is pretty handy when it comes to making vegetable-themed swaddling for the cat, even taking on cabbage in the past. Apparently, corn is just the second instalment in the vegetable series so there could be more to come!

If you’re anticipating the next vegetable creation, check out the owner’s Twitter page which features plenty of adorable pictures and videos of Minira to enjoy in the meantime.

By - Jess.