The combination of powdered green tea and milk is a matcha made in heaven. The mellow and creamy taste of milk is the perfect accompaniment to bitter, fragrant matcha, which is why the matcha latte has become such a popular beverage.

So much so that this modern day creation has even inspired a traditional Japanese sweet shop to formulate an edible version of the drink. Kamakura Goro's new creation is billed as a ‘matcha latte that you can eat’, a phrase which should incite curiosity in green tea lovers everywhere.

The new sweets are called ‘O-cha Ippuku’, and the matcha taste is rich enough to satisfy even the most fervent matcha-holics. In order to get the most out of the tea flavour, Uji matcha has been ground down using a stone mortar before being added to the dough. Uji, located in Kyoto, is known as the best place to source green tea, as it is famous for high quality leaves with a rich taste.

The middle of the sweet brings the ‘latte’ part of the popular beverage to the sweet, with a creamy milk flavoured filling.

The sweets come in sets of 5, 8, or 12, and can be bought online, or in branches of Kamakura Goro.

By - Jess.