After a long day at work, having a cute pet to come home to is one way that many people de-stress. But some pets go above and beyond to create a relaxing experience for their human family, like this amazing cat that actually provides a scalp massage for his owner.

If you don’t believe it, just check out the video!

The owner isn’t the only one relaxing, even the cat himself looks a bit sleepy!

The video was posted on Twitter by the cat’s owner, and there were plenty of replies declaring how jealous everyone is. You can see why, since getting a free head massage is already an enviable position to be in. But to have the massage administered by an adorable feline friend? Well that’s surely heaven for any cat person.

Kneading is something cats often do, but this is the first time we’ve seen a cat do it on someone’s head. He also looks like he’s being extra careful to be gentle, so it’s fair to say he has talent in this field!

After playing masseuse, the cat gets a massage himself from his big brother.

If you want to see more adorable videos and photos of this kitty, check out the owner’s Twitter for more cute antics!

By - Jess.