On May 12, 2021, Okaeri Corporation, a Japanese startup company focused on promoting sustainable lifestyles, officially launched their subscription service for their ecologically friendly and sustainable 100% bamboo toilet paper brand BambooRoll. The service had been available in a trial run from January 2021, but this marks the official launch.

About BambooRoll

BambooRoll is a subscription service that delivers 100% bamboo toilet paper to homes of residents of Japan. The box in which the rolls are delivered is made of plastic-free recycled cardboard, and the core, just like the paper around it, is made of 100% bamboo. Everything can be recycled, resulting in a zero-waste product.

BambooRoll is now available in cafes, offices, and stores nationwide. Visit their website to see where.

Why make toilet paper from bamboo?

Bamboo is one of the materials now attracting attention worldwide as an alternative resource to plastic and wood due to its ability to absorb carbon dioxide, as well as its durability. According to a report published by INBAR, an international organization for bamboo and rattan goods, bamboo absorbs more carbon dioxide than coniferous and broad-leaved trees during its growth period of up to five years. It grows naturally immediately after harvesting and grows quickly without the use of pesticides and only a small amount of water. With BambooRoll, Okaeri Corporation wants to create cycle of harvesting, using, and growing to absorb CO2 again. They also use renewable energy power in their manufacturing process.

In addition, according to the results of the February 2019 NRDC survey, Japan was the fourth largest consumer of toilet paper per capita in the world. At the same time, with more people at home during the pandemic, more toilet paper is being used. Okaeri Corporation hopes that even small changes in the way people live will inspire them to think about consumption habits, and that Bamboo Roll can serve as a catalyst for sustainable living.

Product Information

  • Sales: BambooRoll official website
  • Product description: 100% bamboo unbleached toilet paper, 3 ply
  • Roll size: 100 mm long x 115 mm wide
  • Length: 33 meters, 330 sheets
  • Quantity: 18 rolls per box
  • Box size: 357 mm (14") x 242 mm (9.5") x 315 mm (12.4")
  • Price : 1,800 JPY / box for subscription service | 1,980 JPY (tax included) for trial
  • Shipping: 680 JPY per box, flat rate nationwide (shipping unavailable to Okinawa, remote islands, or outside of Japanese territory).
  • Source of bamboo: China
  • Terms: Automatic renewal after second month. Visit website to change schedule or stop delivery.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.