Japanese manufacturer King Jim normally makes their name on convenient home and office goods, but during the pandemic have shifted their focus towards products that can help out with safety measures, such as stringless adhesive masks for those who find some masks to be stressful on their ears.

Keeping up with that trend, King Jim has announced the release of a "Rollable Film Partition"-a lightweight, assembled, splash-proof partition marketed for use at large events.

The "Rollable Film Partition" is a partition that can be easily installed by simply unfolding the OPP film wrapped around the cardboard frame and inserting it into the base.

They are sold in packs of 10, making them ideal for use in large quantities at events. Also, after use, they can be easily separated by simply peeling off the film from the cardboard, reducing the time and effort required for disposal.

The lightweight (280g) and easy to assemble partitions are available to order directly from King Jim.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.